A naturally bubbly fermented tea full of probiotics, vitamins & enzymes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kombucha can be enjoyed before a meal, with a meal, after a meal, or any time in between. Drink in the morning for accelerated digestion, midday for a natural lift or, in the second half of the day, to curb cravings.

Our Kombucha is known for its signature tangy taste with natural fruity flavor and delicate effervescence – a sign of successful fermentation!
Kombucha is known to make you feel refreshed and revitalized. Each bottle contains billions of living probiotics to support gut health and promote overall wellbeing. The naturally occurring effervescence may also help you feel full and satiated.

If you are new to Kombucha, you may experience the detoxifying effects typically associated with a cleanse. This may show up as gas, bloat, or a change in stool. For this reason, we recommend starting with about 150 ml and gradually increasing your intake over time.

What you see in the drink are the living cultures or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast “Scoby.” They indicate that your drink is raw, alive, and thriving. Scoby has a variety of health benefits including being a good probiotic.<br>

Our lively branding revolves around these floating, living cultures in the beverage showing that it’s safe and good to drink!

We are passionate about providing natural and healthy food and beverages to families all across India. Everything from word of mouth to informing your local stores, hotels, and restaurants about us can drastically help us flourish. Following us on Twitter and Instagram helps too!
Kombucha is a fermented beverage that is linked to many potential health benefits. Our kombucha tea is labeled non-alcoholic, as it contains less than 0.5% alcohol. We test to maintain that our drinks remain non-alcoholic.

If you would like, you can create some effervescent mocktails and cocktails with Thrive Kombucha.